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September 22, 2014 at 9:33 am by admin

Just before our functions on  September   12, 13, 14 and 15 in our temple on September 11  we had  the opportunity to welcome Temple Architect  Sri Vezheparambumana ChrithrBhanu Namboothiri in our  temple  facilities  accompanied  by Thanthry Vezheparambumana Krisnan Namboothiri to examine the existing facilities in the temple and  also to examine the possibilities of  implementing  the  renovation works as advised  by Devanjan  in Ashta  Mangala Prashna Chart.

PKKT 358

PKKT 359

PKKT 360

Below attached is the conceptual details  resulted after the site visit by Temple Archetect. The details of cost  and other details on  the construction works   are  in the making  and the same  will follow in due course.


We are confident that  our Bhagavathy’s devotees  will  receive the required strength  from Bhagavthy  itself  to generate the fund as needed   to full fill our plans . 

We look forward to the pleasure of receiving your co-operation and  financial support in the best possible manner  We also wish that  let Bhagavathy shower all her blessing  on you and your family.



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