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As you are all aware the routine maintenance and development work at the Puliampillil Devi temple had slowed down and has not been taking place regularly for some time. The newly constituted administrative board has taken account of this fact, and has done a review and assessment of this serious situation. We would like to bring to your kind notice the fact that based on the above the committee has decided to undertake integrated developmental activities for the renovation of the temple so as to ensure continued basic activities and functions at the temple and for its sustained future .

Since the committee has started functioning on the 14th July  board has put in significant efforts by streamlining the working of the Temple Trust and by taking sincere and necessary steps for the development of the temple. During this period a devotee has constructed a foot path around the temple by donating approximately Rs. 2 Lakhs and another devotee has spent nearly Rs. 50,000 for the associated work around the footpath, the steps for the temple pond and other developmental work within the temple.

Despite all this there are still other urgent renovation and maintenance work needed at the temple. For the renovation betterment and development of the temple, it is felt that the following activities are urgently required to be done

1. Devaprashnam – It is estimated that this will cost approximately Rs. 60,000.00 (Sixty Thousand)

2. Corrective measures deemed necessary which would come out of the Devaprashnam. The amount is not yet clear so far, however, it is estimated that this would be around Rs. 3 Lakhs

3. Renovation and maintenance of the Sreekovil. Estimated Rs. 3 Lakhs.

4. The temple wall has to be repaired at various places as it is in a state of disrepair. The wall needs to be rebuilt to secure the temple and its land. Estimated Rs. 3 Lakhs.

5. The rooms in the temple where “Thidapalli, Brahmanipattu, Saraswati Pooja” etc is done, and the office room of the temple Trust require maintenance and needs to be repaired. Estimate Rs. 2 Lakhs.

6. For performing various arts and community programs, a stage is proposed to be built. Estimated to cost Rs. 2 Lakhs.For all the above renovation, maintenance and developmental activities, it is estimated that a total of Rs. 14 Lakhs would be required.

To complete the above works, we are actively soliciting your generous financial help and support. We request you to contribute generously towards the above activities by sponsoring either complete or partial works as mentioned above.

Your contributions can be sent to the bank details as mentioned below

Saving Bank A/C NO : 858210110009078



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