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Vachu Namaskaram

September 14, 2014 at 7:29 am by admin

13 September 2014 : Ashtamangala Prasna Parihara Kriyakal:

It was one of the most memorable day in the history of Nedungad Puliyampilly Bhagavathy Temple with the gracious presence of Thekkemadam Sri Shankarandha Brahmanandha Bhoothi and Sri Vasudevanandha Brahmanandha Bhoothi. As part of Ashtamangala Prasna Parihara Kriyakal, We were really blessed  to have them in our temple and  able to touch their holy feet to seek the blessings.

On the behalf of Nedungad Puliyampilly Kshetra Kshema Trust, Thandri  Vezheparambumana Krishnan Nambhoothiti performed the Vachu Namaskaram. Shankaramadam  Coordinator Prof. Narayan interacted with the devotees. Sri Oravankara Namboothiripadu,  Sri Chennas Manayil Vishnu Namboothiri, Sri Padmanabhan Embrandhiri were resent .

Along with the executive members Trust President Sri Manohara Menon and Secretary Sri Sabu B Menon  coordinated the entire event.

The temple was active from 5.30 AM  facilitating the  devotees to salute and pray Bhagavathy during Nirmalyam, followed by various pooja and  homams like.

  • Ashta Dravya Ganapathy Homam
  • Various Pushparchanjalee  in Devi Pooja
  • Maha Mrithyunjaya Homam
  • Thila Homam
  • Paying respect to  Brahma Shree  Shankaranadha Bhrehmananda Bhoothy Thrippadangal .( They were received at the gate with Poorna Kumbham, Panjavadhyam , Poothalam with with colour full umberlas lined up to welcome  swamijees )
  • Ucha pooja
  • Anna Dhanam.
  • Vastu Homam and Vasthu Beli
  • Asthra kalasha Pooja
  • Vasthu Kalasha pooja
  • Vasthu Kalashabhishekam
  • Vasthu Punyaham
  • Dheeparadhana decorated with oil lamps lighted around the temple.
  • Sahashra Nama Japam






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