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Navarathri Maholsavam

October 17, 2013 at 7:37 am by admin

In a culture where knowledge is deemed above all wealth, Nedungad Puliyampilly Bhagavathi Temple celebrated its Navarathri Mahotsavam colourfully from 11/10/2013 to 14/10/2013.

Navarathri is a festival that is celebrated over nine nights in “kanni” and culmination on Vijayadeshami. It is a period of introspection and purification. Out of nine, last three days are very important. Books and tools(ayudham) were kept on ‘Durgashtami’ that is on 11/10/2013 and were offered to the Goddess Saraswathi to be blessed for the next two days, that is ‘Mahanavami’.
On Mahanavami days all works and learning are suspended. On 14/10/2013 that is on Vijayadeshami day the books and tools were taken back by a ceremony called ‘Poojayeduppu’.On the last three days temple was decorated beautifully and there was special poojas and ‘Niramala’.The room where poojavaipu ceremony took place were decorated beautifully illuminated with light and arranged on a platform graced in the middle of the room before Devi Saraswathi’s photo, the things necessary for performing Saraswathi Pooja.

On these days children along with elders joyfully celebrated Navarathri with cultural programmes and bhajans. It generated enthusiasm and emotional bond between families and its members.Children where initiated into the world of letters by writing “Hari sree Ghanapathaye Namaha Avighnamastu” with gold on their tongue

After poojayeduppu gathering went to write on sand. Sweets and other offerings to Devi were distributed to the devotees. With the blessings of Puliyampilly Bhagavathi and Saraswathi Devi this years Navarathri Mahotsavam gracefully came to an end.



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