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Ashta Mangala Prashnam – Scheduled

February 7, 2014 at 9:09 pm by admin

We are pleased to inform that we have selected Jothiksha Pandithan Shree Mattathu Jayakrishna Panicker, Guruvayoor on 28 December 2013 as Chief astrologer ( Devanjan ) in front of our Bhagavathy through a lucky draw  for the proposed Ashta Mangala  Prashnam(AMP) in our Nedunagd Puliyampilly Bhagavathy temple. Our team met the Chief Astrologer ( Devanjan)  in the morning hours of 2 February 2014 to invite him for the event and  to obtain  suitable dates for the same. He has agreed to be our Devanjan for our Ashta Mangala Prashnam. This event is  scheduled  to take place  on 7th and  8th  April 2014. He will be supported by Astrologers Shree Pothuva Mana Haridasan  Namboothiri and Shree Sreenath Vadakara.
All  devotees  are cordially invited for their gracious presence  at  9 AM on 7th  and 8th April 2014 for  the  above event   in Nedungad  Puliyampilly Bhagavathy Temple
Thank you so much for your kind co-operation and understanding.



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