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Ashta Mangala Prashnam a reality in our temple

April 11, 2014 at 6:31 pm by admin

Dear Devotees,
We are pleased to inform that Ashta Mangala Prashnam was conducted in Puliyampilly Temple on 7 and 8 April 2014 as planned . The ceremony took place in a specially prepared thatched Pandal with Prasadam oote on both the days ,  begning with the reception of Devanjan and other two famous  Astrologers with Poothalam and Panjavadyam. Attached is the news cutting published in Mathrubhoomy News Paper on 8 April 2014. A large number of devotees were present during the ceremony.

In the history of Puliyampilly  this is the first time such an event  was conducted.The total cost of this was about Rs. 2,1 Lakhs that was sponsored by one of the devotee.

Devanjan has revealed various details about Bhagavathy … the origin….. history …how Bhagavathy feels about  what has been happening in the past in the temple the devotees were performing …. what is going to be the future of the temple… how we should perform in the future to increase the divinity of  the idol… what are the constructional  corrective works to be performed in sanctum sanctorum, in the other parts of the  temple and temple premises   .. how sub-deities are to be taken care of  and how they are to be worshipped .. … how important it is for the devotees of Nedungad  to bring up  the temple to the required level….. etc.
 We are in the process of consolidating all the details for the information of all and to plan out the implementation of solutions advised by Devanjan . We will pass on these information  to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kind support.
Kind regards
Manohara Menon
Puliyampilly Kshetra Kshema Trust
 Nedungad, Nayarambalam



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